About me


In my earliest youth, and inthe home of my Parents, I was exposed to my Zither Music. At the age of 12 i started to learn to play the instrument an through the years my ability rose to perfection. I had 4 Years an teacher and then i teaching myself.
My love of playing the Zither later became my profession but as a youth I had to learn an "honest profession".
More and more I had the opportunity to play at special occasions and to become Master of the Zither became my goal. Friends and dignitaries asked me to play at special functions because they wanted to present their guests with something special--- a virtuoso performance on the Zither.
It is with pleasure that I think back on the various personalities that I have played for such as actor and singer Johannes Heester, Former Minister of Agriculture Ignaz Kiechle, Austria Former Minister President Bruno Kreisky, the wife of the famous composer Gerhard Winkler, Champion ice skater Norbert Schramm and German national soccer Helmut Haller, to name a few.
I also played at such events as the Nordic Ski World Championships, the Ski-flying World Championship, Folk Music Festival on the Marienplatz in Munich which was televised, and various international tourist conferences in Berlin and Goeteborg Sweden all of which helped to make me known.
In USA I played at Taj Mahal, Hunter Mtn. German Festival, Great Escape, some Octoberfest in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Dinner Music on several places.
As time went by I also found that the Zither was ideally suited to the more modern forms of music such as pop and jazz without degrading it's worth as an instrument for folk music and classic music. The Zither is a really magician for all kind music
and the Zither plays a charmer's role-she holds me captive heart and soul.
A life without Music is a big mistake.